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 The firm Supeças

It was founded more than 25 years ago and it acts the manufacturing of pieces and parts for machines that process bovine, porks and poultry meat. We also operate in the agricultural area.

Working in association with many customers in Brazil and abroad, our main goal is to surpass the anticipation of our customers giving the greatest rendiment in all the line of our products.

Our circular blades in carbon and stainless steel with inserts hard metal on the edge (videas) are exported presently to more than 10 countries, this way consolidating our distinction in the competitive world market.

Consult us, we have the greatest pleasure in answering whichever you want to know.

We act basically in three areas:

Poultry processing:

The cleaning rolls for gizzard.

Gear for the reparation of  vicers (entrails).

Circular blades in tempered stainless steel, with hard metal inserts (videas) on the edge.

Circular blades in high carbon tempered steel with hard metal inserts (videas) on the edge.

Circular blade in stainless or high carbon tempered steel with or without the hard metal inserts for cutting, panes, feet, back, our any other chicken parts.

Razors for opening the stomach, neck and other parts.

Bovine and pork processing:

Grinder plates for processing and emulsifying meat.

Precutting and processing meat discs.

Knives for meat processing machines.

Guide supports in stainless steel with poliacetal plate bushing for maintaining the axis centralized.


Grain and seed insect capturers with patented technology.

Portable humidity determiners for grain and seed.

Cabinets for aflatoxin detection in grain and seed.

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